LASI GOLD company for Health

The Program "Workplaces Promoting Health - Lombardy WHP Network" promotes the organizational change of workplaces in order to make them environments positive for the spread of healthy lifestyles, contributing to the prevention of chronic diseases. All companies committed to building, through a participatory process and with social responsibility, a context positive for the adoption of healthy behaviors, can join the program.

How do you become a company that promotes health?

The business improvement path, in this sense, first of all provides an analysis that brings out any critical issues and defines the priorities regarding their correction.

At this point it will be necessary to implement correct habits and an active lifestyle, to counteract risk factors such as smoking or alcohol abuse and to promote actions to contrast pathological addictions, promoting - finally - the reconciliation home/work.

Health passes through companies: the support of ATS

The program is activated and coordinated locally by the Health Protection Agencies - ATS.

To guarantee the correctness of the operations undertaken and the fairness of the health information that the company will convey to users, the ATS operators provide support both in the project definition phase and in the methodological orientation and finally in the concrete organization of the interventions.

A certificate that must be deserved

It is precisely thanks to this careful participation and verification of the ATS, that the company may deserve the recognition of "Workplace that promotes health" - WHP Lombardy Network ".

Each release is granted with reference to individual "recommended practices" that refer to the areas of nutrition, physical activity, fighting against addictions and against smoking.

From the company to the collaborators

For us, receiving this certificate means having done our best to improve not only the working conditions, but also the more general living conditions of our collaborators.

Correcting bad habits or acquiring new positive ones is part of a path that can enrich us all, because health and happiness often go hand in hand.