LASI chooses photovoltaics, and more
LASI chooses photovoltaics, and more

The technological installation that will be completed in the next days will contribute to the path that the LASIGROUP production site in Gallarate is taking to reduce CO2 emissions.

Photovoltaics is just one of the actions scheduled by the management, as part of an ambitious plan that promises, in three years, to lead the company to the condition of "zero emissions".

A three-year plan that is part of a general philosophy

In 2020 we wrote and published our first sustainability report, related to year 2019. It is the way we have chosen to tell you about a detailed plan that deals with our philosophy and our ethics and takes shape in concrete actions including the three-year plan towards “zero emissions”.

Photovoltaic: project and expectations

The plant, that is near to be completed (probably we are breaking ground in the first ten days of August) will enable us to take advantage of the incentives provided by the related tax legislation.

Our investment, worth about half a million euros, will allow us to independently produce part of the electricity needed by the company.

Estimates predict that, when fully operational, the plant will produce about 50% of our energetic needs, the remaining part will be purchased on the market but it will also come exclusively from renewable sources.

Green quota for a balanced budget

The budget we are talking about is not the financial one but the one concerning the balance between CO2 production and absorption. While limiting the use of fossil fuels, the residual part of emissions, unavoidable to date, will be compensated through the planting of dedicated areas.