We are able to offer high-quality services

Thanks to process innovation, also through systems developed internally, we are able to offer high-quality services while maintaining competitive prices for our customers


The 7 SMT lines are differently sized so as to offer a service which responds, economically and from a quality viewpoint, to the actual requirements of our Customer.

The THT and manual phases are carried out either in Italy, Tunisia or Bulgaria, at our Customer’s discretion. A choice that allows the Customer to benefit from reduced prices.

Finally, the testing activities performed in Italy, together with the quality control activities, ensure maximum safety.


We manufacture a complete range of industrial electrical connectors and terminals, as well as wiring harnesses for various sectors including: automotive, electrical, electronics and household appliances (“white goods” industry), vending, and railways. 

Our range includes equipment which integrates on-board and post-process dimensional and quality controls.

We can offer accessory operations of hot marking, inkjet and special labelling.


Our thermo-plastic co-molding department designs and manufactures products such as: cable bushings, cable clips and plastic case with pre-assembled cables (overmolding).



Over 40 years of experience and highly qualified personnel make us the privileged interlocutor for the assembly of systems that involve the assembly of mechanical parts to complete electronic systems, even complex ones.

Production electronic boards

Lean production